Mrs. Sparks

In August of 2003, I entered Room G 17 for the first time—as a student. It was my freshman year of Honors English at Olmsted Falls High School, and I remember the sense of possibility I felt as I made myself at home reading and writing and thinking within those four walls.

After earning Bachelors degrees in English and Philosophy and a Masters degree in Education at The Ohio State University, I returned to Room G 17 as a first year teacher in August of 2012.

Since then, I’ve been striving to make the same kind of impact on my students that my teachers at OFHS made on me. I want my students to learn that our world is both an exciting and challenging place, and reading well, writing well, and thinking creatively will enable them to better navigate the paths they choose. Language is crucial to our engagement with the world, and I want to lead by showing my students that the study of language is rewarding and fun.

Beyond the walls of G 17, I spend my time talking with my husband, reading, surfing Pinterest for recipe and craft ideas, and walking my two pups.