Freshmen: Preparing for Testing and Completing the AIR Test

The Final Research Paper is due on Thursday, March 23. Students must bring a printed copy to class and have their papers submitted to prior to arrival. If either of these expectations is not met, students will receive a 10% penalty each date late. This late policy extends through spring break.

Leading up to that due date, students will engage in a series of activities intended to improve their essays:

  • Practice submission to ensure there is no plagiarized content in the essay
  • Peer review activity based on a teacher-provided checklist
  • submission to receive grammar/punctuation feedback
  • Individual revision time to make changes based on peer and computer-generated feedback

Please Note: Plagiarism is a serious offense. We have reviewed examples of plagiarism twice in class, and students will have the opportunity to check their papers prior to submission. Any student who submits a paper that contains plagiarized content will receive 0 points for the assignment. This is a building policy.

In addition to working on the research paper, students will spend a brief amount of time on Monday reviewing information for AIR testing. Students will see a sample essay and have a few minutes to review the AIR testing platform.