Freshmen: Drafting the Research Paper

Important Due Dates:

  • Complete rough draft (includes a minimum of 4 pages and a Works Cited page): DUE MON., MARCH 20
  • Final paper (printed, submitted to DUE THURS., MARCH 23
    • If you are planning a vacation and will be leaving prior to the due date, your child is expected to turn the paper in prior to the vacation or it will be considered late

This week, the freshmen in Room G17 will be drafting their papers. They will have class time each day to work on these drafts, so the majority of the work should be completed during class. If you find that your child has an excessive amount of homework, I encourage you to ask him/her if they are using class time productively.

At this point, students have received feedback on their notes, on a thesis statement, and on outlines–so long as they have submitted each of these components. Please keep an eye on Power School so that you are aware of the work your child has or has not completed. These tasks have been graded for completion, so if you see anything less than a perfect score a major component of the assignment was not completed to basic expectations.

In addition to having work time, students will review Works Cited page expectations, in-text citation rules, quote integration style and punctuation, plagiarism, and basic comma use. Examples of introductory paragraphs and a body paragraph can also be accessed on the lesson plan page.