Juniors: The Great Gatsby Practice and Skills Assessments

This week, the juniors in Room G17 will conclude their reading of The Great Gatsby and continue their study of film, characterization, and theme.

On Monday, students will watch Chapters 2-5 in the Luhrmann film, analyzing the development of a specific character through film techniques. The reading of Chapter 7 is due today.

On Tuesday, students will take their first formal assessment on the novel. The assessment will feature two short answer questions: one related to characterization and one related to theme. Students will use their books and provide textual evidence to support their analysis.

On Wednesday, students will be given the entire class period to read and prepare for the Seminar in which they will engage on Thursday.

On Thursday, the conclusion of the novel is due (Chapters 8 and 9). Students will bring questions they prepared for a student-led discussion and engage in a fishbowl style seminar. This class discussion will count as an assessment score.