Freshmen: Concluding Our Study of Romeo and Juliet and Getting Started with Research

This week, the freshmen in Room G17 will conclude their study of Romeo and Juliet. Students will finish their group film projects, editing the film in class on Tuesday and submitting the film in class on Thursday. Students who didn’t finish filming in class last week should find time to do so this weekend or after school.

Students will also have a final assessment on Romeo and Juliet. The assessment will have two sections:

  1. Close reading comprehension questions on a selected passage
  2. A short essay question about a thematic topic in Romeo and Juliet

Students will also begin collecting information sources for the research project we will start next week. On Monday, guest teacher Mr. VanArnhem will attend class, teaching students how to effectively use Google and Infohio to locate high quality information sources. For homework, students will locate five sources relevant to their research question and write a brief summary. This homework assignment is due when students return from the long weekend.

As always, students should continue to read their choice books.