Freshmen: The Romeo and Juliet Film Project

This week, the Freshmen will begin their final series of activities on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. After reading the conclusion of the play on Monday, students will engage in a group film project. For this project, students will select a scene from the play and produce a video representation of the film. Students will be required to identify key lines in their scene, memorize these lines, act out the scene, and use film editing to create mood. An assignment description can be found here and a scoring guide can be found here. Students were able to make group requests; however, I ultimately established the groups. The due date for this project is to be determined.
In addition to this work, students will work toward selecting a research topic for our next unit. Students began this work two weeks ago by exploring the New York Times Room for Debate website. This week, they will work to establish a more concrete plan for research.