Freshmen: Tone in Romeo and Juliet

This week, we will focus our analysis of Romeo and Juliet on tone. Finishing the work from last week, students will watch the Luhrmann version of the film, comparing how mood and tone are depicted in the various representations of Act 3, Scene 1. Students will continue reading 3.2, learning about Juliet’s response to the death of her cousin Tybalt at the hands of her new husband. Students will consider how Juliet’s use of figurative language impacts her tone. Students will finish the week by independently reading Act 3, Scene 3, and we will discuss this scene as a class.
In addition to this class work, students should be progressing on reader’s workshop and articles of the week. Students will have reading time in class on Friday, and the focus of our conferences will be on tone. The article of the week task due on Friday will require students to start brainstorming for our next unit: the research paper. Students will use the New York Times Room for Debate site to locate debate topics of interest.