Freshmen: Welcome to 2017!

We’ll begin and end our first week back to school with some reflection about 2016 and goal setting for 2017. First, we’ll read a news article about successful business men and women who see significance in sharing their resolutions, then we’ll write our own. We’ll end the week by discussing the most significant events of 2016, and students will choose the event that they think is MOST significant, providing specific reasons to support their claim.

In addition to this personal reflection, we’ll pick back up with Romeo and Juliet, reading and studying Act II, Scene 3. Specifically, we’ll consider how a person’s diction (word choice) reflects their character. Students will also be given time for readers workshop, during which they will engage in one-on-one conferences with me about their winter break reading.

Parents, how can you help?

  • If you use my daily lesson plans, I started a new document for the second semester. Just as a reminder, parents, students and tutors can find the daily agenda, hyperlinks to all handouts and slideshows, and homework expectations on this document.
  • Ask your child about his or her resolution. How can you support them on their quest for self-improvement in 2017?