Freshmen: Group Film Analysis Paper Due This Wednesday

After watching Luhrmann and Zeffirelli’s film versions of the Romeo and Juliet balcony scene, students will compose a group essay comparing how the directors represented Romeo, Juliet, or young love. Each individual student will choose a technique to compare (i.e. lighting, angles, costume, music, etc.) and explain how that technique contributes to each director’s representation. Students will receive a group grade (10 points) and an individual grade (40 points) for their work on this essay. Students can access portions of the clips on YouTube for a second watch or can schedule to watch again in my room before school, after school, during homeroom, or during a study hall period.

This week, students will be given two periods to compose the essay. They will bring a complete essay to class on Wednesday for peer review that focuses on editing, specifically run-ons, fragments, and comma use. On Wednesday, students will make final revisions to their essays and submit to for grading.