Juniors: Developing a Research Plan

With three weeks left in the research process, students are continuing to make progress at their pace. Though students may work on steps at their own pace, the final due date for this research paper is Thursday, December 15.

This week, your child should be making the following progress:

  • If s/he has not finished skimming the available resources, this should be complete early in the week.
  • If s/he has not submitted a research plan, this should be complete early in the week.
  • Students should take notes on the 3-7 sources they will use in their research paper. Note-taking strategies were discussed before Thanksgiving break.
  • Students should outline their essay in order to ensure they have a well-supported and well-organized argument.

As a reminder, in the gradebook, I will list the steps of the process, and award each step 1 point. As students complete the step, I will enter 1 point into the gradebook so that you can watch their progress through the process. If no score is entered in the gradebook, this means your child has not submitted or has chosen not to complete this step.