Freshmen: Non-Fiction Assessment on Tuesday

During this short week, the Freshmen in Room G17 will review the sonnet and paraphrasing quiz from last Thursday, review the article of the week analysis due on Friday, and finish reading Act I Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet. On Tuesday, students will be given a non-fiction assessment for which they will identify the features and analyze the argument style of a non-fiction argument essay. Students should review notes on SOAPSTone and C-E-R in preparation for this assessment.

Over Thanksgiving break, students should continue to read for readers workshop. Though there is no specific homework due relating to our study of Shakespeare, students who are struggling with comprehension should consider practicing on their time off. To practice, students could look up additional sonnets, practice paraphrasing, then come their work with paraphrases that can be found online. Or, students might read ahead in Act I, enabling them to hear and read the words once before we begin to study them in class.