Juniors: Embarking on the Research Process

Having concluded their unit on theme in The Crucible, students will begin their work on the Junior Year research assignment. Students will read three short stories in class this week, and they will choose one short story on which to focus their research. Just as with The Crucible, students will identify a theme of the story; however, they will use literary criticism in additional to textual evidence from the story to support their theme. In class this week, students will learn about literary criticism as they read some excerpts of criticism about The Crucible. After reading all three short stories, students will choose the story of their choice and begin skimming the available criticism. Students do not need to locate the research on their own. Rather, I will provide a collection of articles for each story. The work students will be completing will be digital, so you and I can monitor their progress online.

In the gradebook, I will list the steps of the process, and award each step 1 point. As students complete the step, I will enter 1 point into the gradebook so that you can watch their progress through the process. If you see a 0 in the gradebook, that means that the student is way behind his or her classmates on this step.