Freshmen: Introducing Shakespeare!

Last week, the Freshmen in Room G17 began their work with Shakespeare by learning about Shakespearean sonnets and practicing paraphrasing his sonnets. This week, we will continue that work as we begin Romeo and Juliet.

After reviewing sonnets on Monday, students will be quizzed on the characteristics of a sonnet, the purpose of iambic pentameter, and a sonnet paraphrase. Students will then begin their study of Romeo and Juliet as a whole class on Wednesday. We will review the format of a play and also literary devices and how those devices contribute to tone and characterization.

While students are working their way through Romeo and Juliet, they will also be continuing their study of non-fiction. Last week, students practiced SOAPSTone, an acronym for identifying the speaker, occasion, audience, purpose, subject, and tone of a non-fiction article. This week, students will study CRE, an acronym for identifying the claim, reasons and evidence of an article. They will continue this practice as their article of the week assignment.