Freshmen: Readers Workshop and Argument Analysis

Having completed their literature unit on Lord of the Flies, the students in Room G17 will change gears this week to focus on readers workshop and non-fiction study.

Students will have more time in class this week to read, as I will be conferencing with each student about their book over the course of the week. In addition, each student will give a brief (30 seconds-1 minute) book talk to the class. They will sign up on Monday for a day to present.

In addition, students will begin their formal study of non-fiction. They will be given four articles this week to annotate as their article of the week and will have some class time to work on this task. Next week, we will use these articles to begin our argument analysis work of identifying claims, reasons, and evidence and studying the rhetorical situation of a piece. Students will also watch two TED talks this week, studying how these speakers present their ideas.