Freshmen: Major Essay Due This Thursday

For the past two weeks, students have worked to first develop an outline and then to compose a draft based on their outline. The task is to choose a theme from Lord of the Flies and defend it, using character, symbol, and conflict analysis. This week students will revise their essays in preparation for submission.

NOTE. In order for an essay to be considered “on time,” the following must be complete by the start of class on Thursday, October 27:

  • Student has shared their Google Doc with me. Students can do this by clicking the blue “Share” button on the upper right corner and typing my e-mail address (
  • Student has uploaded their paper to Students are responsible for knowing their log-in and password.
  • Student has completed the self-assessment column on the Essay Scoring Guide.

If all three criteria are not met by the start of class on the due date, the student will receive a late penalty of 10% each day late. There are no exceptions to this policy. In order to provide clear communication about the status of your child’s essay, I will indicate “Collected” using the green check mark on Powerschool by 3pm on Thursday. If a “0” and “Missing” appears, you will know the essay was not received that day.