Freshmen: Drafting a Theme Paper

Students submitted outlines for their theme paper at the end of last week, and they will spend the coming week drafting this 3-4 page essay. Students will receive feedback from me on their outlines, specifically regarding the relevance and sufficiency of their evidence. In total, students will have one hour to work on their drafts in class, so they will likely need to work on this at home, too. To accommodate for this extra homework, students will not receive an article of the week assignment this week.

In addition to drafting time, students will engage in mini lessons on sentence combining and composing conclusion paragraphs. They will review Quarter 1 grades and set specific goals for improving in Language Arts Quarter 2. On Friday, students will read each other’s essay drafts, providing feedback through Google Docs.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Over the weekend, students were expected to draft an introduction paragraph. The completion of this draft is the first homework grade for Quarter 2. Check in with your child to ensure they’re off to a good start with regard to work completion.
  • If you don’t see your child working on their essay at home, inquire about when they are completing the drafting.