Freshmen: Creating a Theme Paper Outline

After being introduced to the Lord of the Flies Theme Paper on Thursday of last week, students worked Friday in class to create a theme statement and thesis statement. Students who completed this work in class received my feedback on the spot.

This week, students will complete their prewriting by creating a formal outline. Using the procedures they studied last week through a group practice outline, they will independently create an outline on Google Docs that clearly shows how they will organize their body paragraphs, the evidence they will use to support their claim, and the context and reasoning associated with each piece of evidence. Throughout the week, students will engage in mini-lessons about outline formatting and strong topic sentences while receiving feedback from me in class.

The outline will be due at 3pm on Wednesday, October 12. Students need to share their outline with me on Google Docs by this time in order for their outline to be considered complete and on time. This outline will be the last major grade for first quarter.

Thursday in class students will work on brainstorming for an introduction paragraph topic and will be responsible for composing a draft of the introduction paragraph over their long weekend.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Check in with your child prior to Wednesday’s due date. Do they have a complete outline? If you take a quick look at the outline, does it appear professionally formatted?
  • This is the last week of the quarter, and I will finalize grades this weekend. Any grade concerns should be addressed by your child no later than Thursday at 3pm.