Freshmen: Analyzing Theme in Lord of the Flies

On Monday, the Freshmen in Room G17 will submit their books for their final annotation check of Lord of the Flies. We will then spend the rest of the week thinking about the novel, specifically considering theme and symbolism.

Students have read excerpts from John Locke’s philosophy and will read an opposing argument as they study Thomas Hobbes. Once students are versed in both philosophies, they will use their knowledge to draw conclusions about William Golding’s perspective as evidenced through his characters and symbols in Lord of the Flies.

After grading last week’s mid-novel assessment, it’s clear students need more practice understanding the concept of symbolism. Many student responses were literal in nature rather than symbolic. This week, students will work in small groups to analyze the abundance of evidence connected to each symbol, drawing conclusions about its symbolic importance.

At the end of the week, students will be introduced to our final assessment on the novel, a theme essay. Our first step will be to compose an outline, and students will work on this outline next week. The score on the outline will be their last major grade for this quarter.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Help your child brainstorm theme paper topics. What is a possible theme of Lord of the Flies? How do the characters, symbols, setting, and/or conflicts develop that theme?