Freshmen: Progressing through Lord of the Flies

This week, the Freshmen in Room G17 will continue to work hard as they finish their reading of Lord of the Flies. Important due dates are as follows:

  • Chapter 1-7 Test: Tuesday. Students will be given two paragraph prompts in class for which they will use their books and annotations to find textual evidence. Students should specifically study the development of character and symbol in the first half of  the novel.
  • Chapter 8 Annotation Check: Wednesday. Students should continue to annotate for their assigned character and symbols.
  • Chapters 9-10 Quiz: Friday. Students will be given basic questions in a short quiz in order to show their reading of the chapters.
  • Chapters 11-12 Annotation Check: Monday. Students should continue to annotate for their assigned character and symbols.

In addition to reading our novel, students will engage in close reading activities related to John Lock’s Second Treatise. This is an incredibly challenging text due to vocabulary, sentence structure, and content. As a class, we’ll discuss strategies for engaging with challenging texts, and students will practice this work in small groups and individually during class time.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Help your child stay up-to-date with reading due dates. At the moment, there are a few grades in the gradebook that should help you monitor your child’s engagement with text so far. Especially if your child has had low scores on annotations and reading quizzes, please check in with your child on due dates.