Juniors: A Focus on Nature

The Juniors in Room G17 are exploring the themes of Transcendentalism by reading philosophical texts from the Transcendentalists as they also read the play The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail. After preparing for an in-class written quiz on Friday, students will complete the quiz in class on Monday, comparing representations of the concept self-reliance in the play and in Emerson’s philosophical text entitled “Self-Reliance.” Starting Tuesday, we will begin to explore Transcendental views of nature through our study of Emerson’s “Nature” and Thoreau’s “Walden.”

Students will end the week with an introduction to Criterion, an online writing tool. This software provides students a prompt, sets a timer, and provides a computer-generated score upon conclusion of the task. This tool enables students to practice and receive instant feedback on the kind of “on-demand” writing tasks required by the ACT and SAT. Scores will not be entered into the gradebook for this first practice task.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Check the gradebook this week to monitor your child’s progress. Are they missing work? Completing partial work? This is a good point to ensure everyone is on track!