Freshmen: Reviewing Academic Writing

The Freshmen in Room G17 will review old and apply new academic writing skills this week in their first formal writing assignment. Students will be given prompt options and will be instructed to write a well-developed paragraph in response to one. Throughout the week, students will prewrite, draft, and revise their paragraphs as they also engage in mini-lessons on evidence context and integration, topic sentences, analysis, MLA format, and use. Students will be given ample time in class to complete this work; however, students who do not complete the work in class are expected to finish each night for homework. Students will rely on peers for feedback. Students seeking feedback from me should schedule a time to meet with me before or after school or during homeroom.

Students will also be given in-class readers workshop time this week, and I will continue readers workshop book talks and conferences.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Check in on the progress your child is making on their first formal writing assignment. Consider specifically reviewing the scoring guide with your child, encouraging your child to seek answers and help if they lack confidence or understanding on the skills assessed.
  • Maintaining regular reading habits is critical for your child’s success in high school Language Arts. Consider if your child has the quiet space and time to accomplish this important work at home. Help your child to problem solve if space or time become burdens to readers workshop success.