End of Quarter Grades and Final Exam

The Freshmen have two grades left for Quarter 4:

  • Readers Workshop grade (will be entered Monday)
  • In-Class Essay grade (Students will write this essay in class on Monday, and they will have their essays returned during their exam period. Students were given the essay prompt in advance and encouraged to pre-write in advance by finding evidence and organizing the essay through an outline. For details, click here.)


On Friday, students received information about their final exam. The exam will include 72 multiple choice questions for which students will need to apply their learning to new texts. The test will feature a poem, two short stories, a sonnet, and two non-fiction articles. They will also be given a passage to edit. A list of specific topics covered on the exam can be found here.


Please feel free to contact me via e-mail at hsparks@ofcs.net if you have any questions! 5 more days of freshman year!