Juniors: Concluding Our Study of Catcher in the Rye

After taking a quick quiz on Monday, students will spend the rest of the period discussing the ending of the novel, focusing on Holden’s perspective of society in preparation for their in-class essay. For this essay (which they will write in class on Thursday and Friday of this week) students will compare Holden’s perspective of society to the perspective of a character in one of their choice books. While students may not write the essay in advance, they are encouraged to thoroughly pre-write prior to Thursday’s class. Students who complete prewriting early can share it with me for feedback.

In addition to our work with Catcher in the Rye, students will also read a short story, “Who Am I This Time?,” and discuss it in the context of our study of post-modernism and Catcher.

 Parents, how can you help?

  • Check in with your child about their Quarter 4 grade. Is it where he/she wants it to be? If not, what final efforts might they make to improve this grade?
  • Encourage your child to pre-write for their in-class essay, which will be written on Thursday and Friday of this week.
  • Details about the final exam will be coming out later this week. I’ll send information home with your child in addition to posting on the class blog.