Freshmen: Concluding Our Study of Lord of Flies

This week, students will conclude their reading of our final class text, Lord of the Flies. Through connections to psychology and poetry, students will deepen their understanding of the themes of this novel as they also continue their close reading work.

As students near the end of the text, they should be considering how their multigenre project question is addressed in Lord of the Flies. We’ve been taking time each week to analyze their question in light of the novel, and their final assessment of the novel will require them to compose an in-class essay for which they will answer the question, citing relevant textual evidence from Lord of the Flies for support. Students will have class time to begin planning for this in-class essay; however, some work may need to be completed at home.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Check in with your child about their Quarter 4 grade. Is it where he/she wants it to be? If not, what final efforts might they make to improve this grade?
  • Encourage your child to pre-write for their in-class essay, which will be written on Monday, May 23.
  • Details about the final exam will be coming out later this week. I’ll send information home with your child in addition to posting on the class blog.