Freshmen: Finishing Research Papers

This week, students are finishing up their research papers. On Monday, students will learn how to properly cite their sources on a “Works Cited” page. Students will also be given the rest of the class period to work on their 1st Rough Draft, which is due on Tuesday. The rough draft must be printed out. On Wednesday, students will peer-review a classmate’s essay in order to provide meaningful feedback and suggestions. On Thursday and Friday, students will have the class period to continue finalizing their drafts, as well as request a short conference for help. Students will have this opportunity to ask for assistance.

The final paper is due on Monday, April 25 at the beginning of class. The essay must be printed and submitted to

Note: Due to simultaneous AIR Testing, 1/2 and 5/6 will have 25 minute class periods, in comparison to the usual 46 minutes. Students were made aware of this change last week so they could break up the work ahead of time.

Parents, how can you help?

  • With the research paper coming to a close in a week, please encourage your child to seek help if he or she needs it. Students will be drafting this week and using peer reviews to critique their papers. Ask your child about his or her paper to determine what areas of improvement your child can work on.
  • Engage your student in a conversation about the topic. Students have been working on these papers for about three weeks now. Rekindle the enthusiasm your child first had in the topic. Provide an argument against your child’s stance in order to create dialogue and strengthen argument skills. We want students to finish strong in the unit, and often, enthusiasm is the best motivator. Therefore, any kind of meaningful and engaging conversation about the topic will help rekindle that initial fire your child had when he or she chose the topic!