Juniors: Intro to Poetry

Our poetry unit will kick off with the Harlem Renaissance and analyzing African American experience in America. On Monday, students will study art and music from the Harlem Renaissance in order to experience the culture and rhythm of the time period. Then, in an effort to connect this unit to our Gatsby unit, we will explore how African Americans are represented in The Great Gatsby in order to get a more holistic view of the African American experience during this time.  On Tuesday, students will analyze pieces of artwork and various poems from authors such as Langston Hughes. Students will work in small-groups to determine some common themes of the Harlem Renaissance.

On Wednesday, students will have an opportunity to continue working on their Gatsby essays, which are due this Friday, April 15. Thursday’s class will pull students back up to the present day, as they use Spoken Word poetry to explore African American experience in America today. Students will also learn about how theatrical devices can impact a Spoken Word poem’s meaning.

Parents, how can you help?

  • As we begin the Harlem Renaissance, your student will analyzing art and music, as well as poetry. Help stir some of your child’s enthusiasm for the unit by asking him or her to play you some music from the time period or to share a poem. This will get your student discussing the time period, as well as spreading enthusiasm for our poetry unit!