Freshmen: Research Paper Drafting

This week, students will begin drafting their research papers! On Monday, we will begin class by creating sample outlines as a class. Then, students will learn how to write a well-developed thesis statement and will use computers to begin citing sources. On Tuesday, students will have class time to begin drafting outlines, which will be due on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, students will begin drafting their essays, using computers. A printed copy of the 1st draft will be due on Tuesday, April 19.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Because we are walking through the research process as a class, your child feel confident in his or her ability to outline and draft the paper this week. We have been checking in with students, discussing topics, and checking notecards. However, if your child feels lost or behind, please encourage him or her to either set up a time to come in for help or fill out a Request for Assistance form!
  • Sometimes, the most challenging part about writing is determining how to start. In class, students brainstormed different hooks to begin their essays. If your child is struggling to think of a hook, ask him or her where he or she sees this topic in everyday life. Brainstorm some real-life scenarios where this research topic would be relevant!