Juniors: Closing the Gatsby Unit

We will wrap up our Gatsby unit this week, before embarking on our next unit: poetry. Last week, the Juniors did some brainstorming activities to help them develop their Gatsby paper topics. This week, students will actually begin writing the essay. With the Chapters 8 and 9 of Gatsby due at the start of the week, students will take a final test on Monday. This test is based off of the end of the novel. It will include multiple choice, quotation identification, and a short essay response.

On Wednesday and Thursday, students will have class time to read Gatsby essay samples, compare the differences in style and beliefs, and ultimately, use these resources to begin writing their own essays. This essay is due on April 15.

We will conclude the week with an introduction of our next unit on poetry. In class, we will discuss our initial perceptions and beliefs about poetry in order to establish a purpose behind our study. Then, students will watch and analyze a Spoken Word poem in order to increase student interest!

Parents, how can you help?

  • Your child will begin his or her essay this week. Because this is an essay about our “quest” in life, students will first need to define their quest before comparing themselves to a character in Gatsby. Ask your child what he or she hopes to accomplish in the future. What are your child’s goals or perceptions on the world? These conversations will help your child determine a direction or subject to write about.
  • With the beginning of poetry, many students often feel overwhelmed by the language and style of poetry! Encourage your child to go into this unit with an open mind! If your child is dreading poetry, ask him or her why. Start a conversation about how poetry allows us to express the rhythm and depths of our beliefs and emotions!