Freshmen: Developing a Stance

Last week, the Freshmen chose a research question to answer. We spent class time finding articles and evidence that could be used to answer this question. This week, we will answer our research questions by creating a claim and finding supporting evidence.

On Monday, students will write a claim of their research question. They will learn how to effectively use evidence and counterclaims in order to strengthen their arguments. On Wednesday, students will begin choosing specific evidence to support their claims, learning how to quote, paraphrase, and summarize each article’s main points. These skills will be assessed through a Notecard Assignment due the following Monday (April 11). Students will organize their evidence on notecards by citing specific evidence and reflecting on how this evidence relates to claim. On Thursday, students will have class time to work on these notecards after a brief review on Plagiarism.

On Friday, students will learn how to effectively organize these notecards into an outline (which will be due Wednesday, April 13).

Parents, how can you help?

  • We have officially started the research paper process! This is an exciting time for your child, as he or she begins to question the world and make an evidence-based conclusion. Ask your child what he or she is researching! After a few weeks, sometimes students get tired of their chosen topic. Help keep the enthusiasm by sparking discussion on its relevance or by presenting counterarguments!
  • Because this is a process, it is important that your child stays on top of the material so that he or she doesn’t fall behind. In class, we often ensure each student is caught up or in the process of catching up, however, sometimes a small question or confusion can make any student fall behind.
  • Encourage your child to ask for help as needed! We have created a Request for Assistance Form that your child can fill out to notify us of any confusions! Encourage your child to ask for help during class time or through this form if he or she has questions. The sooner your child feels confident on his or her work, the less likely it will be that he or she will fall behind!