Juniors: Welcome Fourth Quarter!

In our short, post-spring break week, the Juniors in Room G17 will continue to explore Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. On Monday, after reviewing our spring break reading and paper brainstorming, students will continue to explore the concept of “the dream” in the novel as they also practice their rhetoric skills. Students will assume the voice of one of the characters, establish an audience from the novel itself, and write a paragraph telling their specific audience what they most want from life. This work will further prepare them to compare their own aspirations and world views with those of one of the characters in the novel for their final paper.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, students will apply their analysis skills to the reading. First, they will explore how the novel is an artifact of the modernist period by analyzing the styles and themes of the text. Then, they will practice their close reading skills as they encounter a challenging piece of literary criticism that questions Nick’s reliability as a narrator.

As is our routine, we will end the week with a readers workshop period. Students will hear a few book talks from me before spending the period reading their choice books and conferencing with me about their reading.

Parents, how can you help?

  • The Fourth Quarter is our final “fresh start” of the year. Help your child make it a solid start by checking in on their homework progress. This week, students should read Chapters 8 & 9 of Gatsby, complete this week’s article of the week task, and continue reading their choice book. This week’s agenda and homework can be found here.
  • We will begin work on our final Gatsby paper next week. Students received the prompt before spring break. This week, ask your child about the task. What are they supposed to write about? What ideas do they have? This a unique essay for which students are asked to combine personal, reflective writing with literary analysis. To do it well, students have to ask themselves the big questions of life. Help them start!