Freshmen: Welcome to Fourth Quarter!

Welcome back from break! This week, we will begin our next unit on writing research papers. On Monday, to begin the unit, students will take a pre-assessment. This pre-assessment will assess the skills that are necessary to creating an argument and writing a research paper. Students will also be given the opportunity to self-assess their confidence in certain skills and concepts. This will help tailor the learning to the needs of your student!

For the rest of the week, students will learn how to evaluate the effectiveness and legitimacy of the articles they are using. Students will review the SOAPSTone method of analysis, as well as how to properly use a research database and how to create an annotated bibliography.

Parents, how can you help?

During break, your child chose a research topic. As we begin this new unit, ask your child what he or she will be researching for the upcoming weeks! Spark your child’s interest in the topic by sharing your knowledge, experience, and/or questions on the topic. This project can seem daunting, but if your child is curious and interested in the topic, the project will become a way to explore the larger questions of our society!