Freshmen: Romeo and Juliet Final Assessment

This week will mark the closing of Romeo and Juliet! Last week, students were given their final assessment for Romeo and Juliet, which includes five mini-essays on characterization. Students will be responsible for finding textual evidence that supports their analysis on how Speech, Thoughts, Effects on Others, Actions, and Looks (STEAL) ultimately impacts characterization throughout the play. Because this assignment has five mini-essays, students were encouraged to plan and perhaps begin writing one of the essays this weekend.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, students will have class time to work on this assessment. The overall assessment is due Thursday at the beginning of class.

Our next unit is a Research paper. Students will begin this unit on Thursday, as they learn what sort of topics they can choose and write about. Their assignment over break will be to have a topic chosen and some potential articles. Students will receive more information on Thursday.

Parents, how can you help?

  • This week is a busy week for your child in Language Arts class. Last week, we encouraged students to use their planner and plot out days and tasks to remain focused. One way you can help your child is by helping him or her plan out the week. This way, your child won’t feel burdened on Wednesday night, trying to get the assignment done. Instead, Wednesday night is far more manageable
  • If your child is struggling with the STEAL Method, encourage him or her to talk to Mrs. Sparks or myself as soon as possible! This Tuesday, Mrs. Sparks and I will not be in the classroom, so your child will be unable to ask questions during class.

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