Freshmen: Characterization and Theme in Romeo and Juliet

With Romeo and Juliet coming to a close in the next few weeks, we will begin wrapping up our studies by focusing on characterization and theme. This week, we will finish reading Acts 4 and 5. On Monday and Tuesday, we will first read the summaries of Act 4. Then, we will focus on using the STEAL method of indirect characterization to further analyze Juliet, Friar Lawrence, and Romeo. Students will be responsible for applying their knowledge of STEAL on Tuesday, as they work in groups to characterize Romeo by writing their own scenes.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we will finish up the play, focusing on the thematic concepts of fate versus choice through guided reading activities and class discussions.

Parents, how can you help?  

  • On Monday, we will be handing back the Figurative Language quizzes and reviewing the answers. If your child struggled with the quiz and feels that he/she needs extra practice with figurative language, encourage your child to ask for help! As our unit on Romeo and Juliet comes to a close, this means there will be a concluding assessment in the next few weeks that includes understanding the meaning/uses of figurative language and how it develops tone!