Juniors: Characterization in Text and Film

Last week, the juniors in Room G17 were introduced to the four main characters of chapter one of The Great Gatsby: Nick, Daisy, Tom, and Jordan. After modeling analysis of character with Nick, students were prompted to choose a different character to track in chapter 1. We read the chapter aloud, and student began to annotate in their texts.

This week, we will continue our study of their chosen characters. We will do a character analysis activity for which students will use what they learned about the character in chapter one to make inferences about what might be on that character’s phone if they lived in contemporary times. Then, we will introduce students to film terminology and compare representations of their characters in the Clayton and Luhrmann film versions of The Great Gatsby. We will also read chapter 2 this week, mostly aloud.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Ask your child about the character they chose. What did they learn about this character from the text? From the films?
  • Ask your child to notice film techniques as you watch television or movies this week. Help them consider the effects of particular shots, angles, costumes, lighting, and music.