Freshmen: Paper Revisions and Storyboarding

This week, we will continue our focus on film analysis, tone, and figurative language. On Monday, students will start off the week with a short quiz on the scenes they performed the week before. Students were asked to take notes and write down summaries of the performed scenes. The quiz will be based off of these notes. Students will also have the rest of the class period to revise their collaborative essays. They will have access to Chromebooks. These revisions will be due on Tuesday, February 23 and should be shared via Google Docs.

On Tuesday, students will create a Storyboard of Act 3 Scene 1, integrating film techniques into their drawings for added effect and using colors to mimic the moods and emotions of the scene. On Wednesday, students will annotate these storyboards with the effects of their chosen film techniques. Then, as we watch Act 3 Scene 1 in both the Zeffirelli and Luhrmann films, students will compare how how their chosen techniques compare with the directors’ chosen techniques of the same scene. On Thursday, we will read Act 3 Scene 2, closely analyzing Juliet’s first monologue. As a class, we will work on paraphrasing lines, noticing examples of figurative language, and determining how figurative language builds tone and characterization.

Parents, how can you help?

  • With essay revisions due on Tuesday, ask your child how his/her revisions are going! If you notice your child is struggling or confused, encourage him/her to set up a time with us to rewatch the film or ask questions. On Friday, we conferenced with students to answer any questions, but if your child still wants some direction, encourage him or her to ask again!
  • Below, we have included some helpful links (note: the movie clips are only 2-3 minutes of the scene):