Update: Collaborative Film Analysis Essays

After reviewing the work students submitted for their collaborative film analysis essays, we decided that students need more practice with this task before taking it as a major grade.

Each student has received feedback on the paper they submitted last week, and they will have one week to make revisions on their own time using this feedback. We will also conference with students about their essays on Friday to provide students the opportunity to ask questions. These revisions are due on Tuesday, February 23 for a score out of 50 points. Students need not reprint their essays or re-submit to turnitin.com. Rather, we will use the revision tracking function on Google Docs to evaluate the revised essay. Please note: students will not receive descriptive feedback on the essay they submit next week. Rather, students will receive feedback through the rubric only.

Parents, how can you help?

  • If computer access is an issue, help your child brainstorm solutions. Computers are available in my room throughout the day and in the library before school, after school, and during lunch/study hall periods.
  • Review the feedback we provided your child. Encourage them to ask us if they don’t understand any of the suggestions.