Freshmen: Performing Shakespeare

Now that students have submitted their group papers, we will be diving back into Romeo and Juliet to read more scenes. This week, students will be broken up into groups and will be assigned a specific set of lines (the whole class will cover Act 2.4 – Act 3.1). Students will have two days to work on this Small Group Scene Assignment, before performing on Thursday. In this assignment, students will write a 1) summary of their scene, 2) a detailed analysis that discusses how the scene contributes to conflict, character, and theme, and a 3) description of how their assigned character’s tone changes throughout the scene. On Thursday, these groups will perform their scenes in front of the class, incorporating basic actions, dramatic tones, and fluent reading into their performance!

Parents, how can you help?

  • Because your child will responsible for acting out a specific part in their assigned scene, talk your child about his or her role! You can ask about what is happening in the scene and what his or her character’s role is in the scene. Does the character add to the conflict or ease it?
  • The Article of the Week also discusses how the change of tone in voice can alter moods. You can also ask your child to practice his or her parts for you, changing the tone of voice. Have a conversation about how each tone contributes to mood!