Freshmen: Playing with Sonnets in Quarter 3, Week 2

Last week, students were introduced to the life and times of William Shakespeare and his poetic form, the Shakespearean sonnet. We also worked on summary writing through a paragraph on Shakespeare and their article of the week assignment. This week, students will continue to study sonnets and will receive feedback on their summaries. On Monday, students will work in groups to interpret another sonnet, and then they will individually complete a practice sonnet analysis. Based on their individual work, students will be grouped for additional practice on Tuesday in order to remediate or extend their thinking. Students will work in small groups to compose a sonnet on Wednesday before being assessed on sonnets Thursday.

The assessment on Thursday will require students to do the following:

  • List the four characteristics of a sonnet.
  • Mark the rhyme scheme of a sonnet.
  • Scan two lines of a sonnet.
  • Paraphrase a sonnet.
  • Identify the theme of a sonnet.
  • Answer true/false questions about Shakespeare’s life and times.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Prior to the assessment, run through the above list with your child. If there are any areas your child is uncertain about, direct them to Compass Learning (see previous post) for additional practice.
  • This week’s article of the week is about love. Talk to your child about the author’s perspective on love, and help your child consider reasons and evidence to support their own view.