Juniors: Welcome to Semester 2!

Our goal for this first week of the second semester is to reengage in readers workshop and begin our study of the Transcendentalists and their works.

On Monday, students will begin by reporting their winter break reading and writing about their reading. Students will hear some book talks based on my winter break reading and will have time to choose a new book. We will begin Readers Workshop Fridays this week. The entire class period every Friday will be dedicated to reading and conferencing our choice books.

Transcendentalism is a movement in literature and philosophy that began in New England in the 1830s and continued through the 1850s. Today, many ideas from this early American group can be found in the books we read, the music we listen to, and the media we watch. This week, students will be given a brief introduction to the tenets of this philosophy before we dig into The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail. This quick play makes the abstract ideas of Transcendentalism concrete through a humorous, fictional account of a real moment in history. Reading this play aloud in class will provide the background students need to start exploring the writing of the Transcendentalists next week.

Parents, How Can You Help?

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