Junior: End of Semester Information

Research Paper: Research papers are due in class on Tuesday, December 15. Students will work on a Works Cited page in class on Monday and will polish, print, and submit their essays in class Wednesday.

Semester Exam Information: The English III Midterm is a miniature version of the research paper. It assesses reading of literature and non-fiction, in addition to writing skills. Students were given the short story in advance, “Lamb to the Slaughter.” They may annotate the story and brainstorm possible thematic statements. They can use their story and notes on the exam. When they arrive to the exam, they will be provided with a handout on thematic ideas and six excerpts from critical essays on the short stories. Students will need to develop an essay on theme using evidence from the short story and from two critical essays for support.

Note: Students who attend classes at Polaris will be approximately 15 minutes late to the exam block. They will be given 15 minutes past the exam block to finish their exam. Any student who is more than 15 minutes late should schedule to take the exam during a makeup period.

Winter Break Expectations: Over winter break, students are expected to meet their readers workshop goal twice. Students will have three weeks to do this: the final week of classes/exams and two weeks of winter break. Students will be assessed on their choice book reading when they return.

I hope you enjoy your holiday with your family!