Freshmen: End of Semester Information

TKaMB Theme Paper: Students will receive their graded theme papers over To Kill a Mockingbird tomorrow. Grades will be entered in the morning, and they will receive their essays in class. This will be the last major grade of the semester. On Tuesday, students will make revisions to these essays based on the comments I provided. Revisions will count as a separate 10-point assignment in the classwork category.

Books Read List: Students should prepare a Books Read List to submit the day of their midterm exam. They may print the list from if they’ve kept it updated, or they may handwrite the list.

Semester Exam Information: The English I Midterm is a cumulative test, so students are responsible for all of the content and skills of the quarter. Last week, students were provided with a handout of the standards being assessed on the midterm with study strategies. In class on Monday, students will organize binders, locating important handouts for studying.

Winter Break Expectations: Over winter break, students are expected to meet their readers workshop goal twice. Students will have three weeks to do this: the final week of classes/exams and two weeks of winter break. Students will be assessed on their choice book reading when they return.

I hope you enjoy your holiday with your family!