Juniors: A Week of Composition and Student-Determined Instruction

During our final full week of Quarter 2 and Semester 1, we will move from an outline of the research paper to a draft. Students will have the whole week to work on this draft. During their writing, they will be called to small group instruction based on the specific needs they identified on a writing skills survey. Students will be given instruction in topics ranging from paragraph structure to strengthening analysis. The final due date for this essay is our last day of class, Tuesday, December 15, and essays will be graded over winter break. The essay is worth 200 points; therefore, it will have a major impact on your child’s quarter and semester grade. In next week’s post, I will provide information about the midterm exam.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Monitor your child’s progress on Power School. I will create a series of small assignments (2 points) that will help you gauge completion of each step. Students who earn 2 points have completed the work, 1 point have partially completed the work, and 0 points have little to no work completed. I will update these scores daily so that you are aware of your child’s progress.

Encourage your child to seek extra help if they need it. I’m regularly available before and after school, during homeroom, and a few periods throughout the day.