Freshmen: Wrapping Up The Quarter

During our final full week of Quarter 2 and Semester 1, we will bring our study of To Kill a Mockingbird to an end. Students will complete their theme essays and submit those essays on Wednesday, December 9 (printed and on prior to class). We will do some grammar review of run-ons and fragments, and students will be expected to proofread for these mistakes in their theme papers before submission. As with previous essays, students will self-assess their work, annotating their essays to show mastery of the skills. We will conclude the week with more non-fiction practice (claim-evidence-reasoning), and students who have submitted their essays will be rewarded by watching the film. In next week’s post, I will provide information about the midterm exam.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Offer to be a final reader for your child before he/she submits their essay. If their essay lacks clarity or there are obvious errors in grammar or spelling, encourage them to revise.
  • Talk to your child about their upcoming midterm exam schedule. Balancing end of the quarter work and exams is challenging for freshmen who have not yet been in this situation before. Encourage them to seek extra help this week if they need it.