Juniors: Concluding Our Study of The Crucible

This week, the Juniors in Room G17 will conclude their study of The Crucible. They will put the finishing touches on their theme papers, before submitting those (printed and on turnitin.com) on Wednesday, November 11. Students who submit their essays on time will be rewarded by watching the film version of the play in class on Wednesday and Friday. Students without their essays will work in the computer lab to make progress on their papers. As students watch the film, they will be asked to consider how the characters are characterized in the film, noticing commonalities and contrasts in the representations of this story.

Finally, students will begin to study literary criticism at the end of the week. Experts on literature make arguments about texts, and we will work to interpret and analyze these arguments. This week, we will look at a feminist reading of The Crucible. This work will prepare us for our next unit: the research paper.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Offer to read your child’s theme paper before they submit it on Wednesday. Point out any points in the essay where they are lacking clarity and suggest improvements to word choice and grammar.