Freshmen: Introduction to Non-Fiction (and poetry and TKaMB, too!)

While students continue to make progress on To Kill a Mockingbird and analyze common thematic ideas in poetry, they will also begin their focused study on non-fiction texts. All school year, students have worked to become comfortable reading news articles and opinion pieces, and their focus was on basic comprehension of the article and on making personal connections.

Students will now begin analyzing the way non-fiction texts work, starting with an analysis of the situation of the text using the acronym, SOAPSTone (speaker, occasion, audience, purpose, subject, and tone). While many of these topics are review, the difficulty of the texts will increase as students progress through this year and through high school. We will focus this week on tone, building vocabulary so that students are able to choose appropriate language to represent the tone of the pieces.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Have your child share his or her SOAPSsTone work with you prior to submitting it on Friday. Ask him or her to explain the features they noticed in the text, allowing them to practice using this academic vocabulary in speech.