Juniors: A Week of Literary Analysis Essay Writing

Because of our need for extra rhetoric review, the juniors of Room G17 did not begin their literary analysis paper on The Crucible. Instead, they will spend the entire week planning for and composing this essay. After students pre-write by determining their theme statement and selecting relevant evidence, they will engage in small group mini-lessons covering strong topic sentences, strong introduction paragraphs, and sentence combining. Students will have time to draft essays in class; however, they will need to continue their work on their own time to ensure a strong, well-polished essay.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Students are working independently this week to compose their essays, so offer to provide some feedback. Even if you didn’t read the book, you can help your child by ensuring that he/she has thoroughly proved their point with evidence, has written in a style that is academic and clear, and has carefully proofread the essay.
  • Check in with your child about his or her readers workshop progress. Are they meeting their goals regularly? Do they have a book they enjoy? Encourage your child to seek help finding books from me if they struggle to locate something that holds their attention.