Freshmen: Considering Coming-of-Age

Students will submit their first literary analysis essay on Monday, and we will spend the rest of the week progressing in our reading of To Kill a Mockingbird. Students will consider exploring the coming-of-age theme with two poems and a personal writing piece of their own. Students will end the week with a graded discussion of their assigned chapters of the book. The focus of the grading this week will be on preparation for discussion: annotation and question writing.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Help your child prepare for our graded discussion by modeling discussion-prompting questions. After watching a television show or listening to a song, brainstorm questions that might initiate conversation. These questions might be about comprehension (i.e. Who was the one that…?), interpretation (i.e. What does it mean that…?), or evaluation (i.e. What did you think about…?).
  • Check in with your child about his or her readers workshop progress. Are they meeting their goals regularly? Do they have a book they enjoy? Encourage your child to seek help finding books from me if they struggle to locate something that holds their attention.