Juniors: Second Quarter Begins as Our Reading of The Crucible Ends

This week, students will finish reading The Crucible in class and begin the final assessments that will gauge their learning from this unit. On Thursday, students will be introduced to their first literary analysis paper of the school year, a 3-4 page essay for which students will explore a theme of The Crucible. Students have already begun their pre-writing for this essay by analyzing the development of theme after each act of the play. They will continue to prepare by focusing on a specific theme and gathering evidence. Students will also be assessed on Friday over rhetoric. They will be provided with the text of a speech and asked to analyze the effectiveness of the speech, looking to the speaker’s use of ethos, pathos, and logos; rhetorical devices; and logical fallacies.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Have a discussion with your child about the conclusion of first quarter. Ask him/her about the goals they set in class for second quarter and how they can reach those goals.
  • Help your child study for their major rhetoric assessment. Watch a speech with your child online or on the television, and discuss whether or not the speech was effective for the purpose intended by the speaker and the speaker’s audience. What does the speaker do to prove his point or engage her audience?