Juniors: Wrapping Up First Quarter

During our first weeks of reading The Crucible, we reviewed strategies for reading in high school. Students used annotation and outlining as a method of comprehending the complex narration woven into the play. They used annotation throughout the dialogue portions of the play to signal important lines that supported the development of character, conflict, and theme. Students also reviewed what they read, noticing the development of theme in previously read texts.

This week, we will increase the pace of our reading, finishing two acts within the week. With an eye for theme, students will read Acts II and III, noticing how Arthur Miller uses characterization and conflict to support the development of his major themes. Students will revise their first quiz on Act I to review academic writing before being assessed through writing over Act III.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Ask your child how to read a complex text. Find a passage in the newspaper or magazine that is challenging for you, and ask your child for some pointers. Let them be the experts in reading strategies.
  • Ask your child about The Crucible. What are the characters like? What is the conflict? What is Millers message?
  • Check your child’s Power School account to ensure that there are no surprises with regard to Quarter 1 grades.