Juniors: Week 9 Preview

This week, juniors in Room G17 will take their time through Act I of The Crucible in class. We will analyze the introduction of major characters and consider specifically how rhetoric impacts characterization. Students will also begin to consider theme and the early evidence of theme in this text. In preparation for a major paper at the end of the play, students will take a practice quiz over Act I, refreshing skills of academic writing and literary analysis.

Parents, how can you help?

  • Continue reviewing rhetoric terminology with your child. All students have flashcards of rhetorical devices that they can use for review, and they can make flashcards of logical fallacies. Students will continue to use the terminology on future assessments and activities.
  • Consider reading with us! This will give your child the opportunity to open dialogue with you about the ideas discussed in the play, and it will also enable them to ask questions prior to discussions and assessments in class.